Spring & Summer in US

ArthurDivine Feminine, Production, The Essence


After 3.5 months on the East Coast, mostly New York and Miami we are getting ready to take off on our second segment of filming. During these 3.5 months we had lots of prep work to do and of course things took longer than anticipated. Between selling and buying new video gear, working on commercial projects to be able to finance this next segment, doing loads of film location research, transcribing of past conducted interviews and still managing to conduct 2 additional interviews in Brooklyn, New York with prominent Kabbalists, it’s been hectic to say the least.

Our next segment of filming is starting with an interview of Brother David Steindl-Rast, a benedictine monk for over 60 years. We will be meeting him in Mill Valley, right outside of San Francisco. Then we are embarking on a two month road trip through Western United States with the intent on capturing interesting landscapes of Mother Nature’s beauty. This beauty will add captivating visual content to our film and support the wisdom being shared by the representatives of the various traditions. Additionally, we are intending on meeting with some North American indigenous peoples in the four corner area and explore their tradition and cultural practices.

It’s going to be quite an adventure…