From Anatolia back to India

ArthurProduction, The Essence

We are now in India, back at Shri Kali Ashram, our home base where the beautiful teachings of Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha first inspired us to make The Essence. We have yet to finish doing a rough edit and transcription of Shanmukha’s formidable interview but we are almost there thanks to Alena Boltyanskaya, who has been very helpful with transcribing most of the interviews. Thank you, Alena!


Being back this time really means doing loads of work on the film, as we are behind schedule because Arthur kept getting sick way too often in Turkey with his immune being compromised from the exhaustive travel. (He is rebuilding his system now at the ashram with the help of the tri-dosha balancing system and pranayama).


Meanwhile, we’ve scheduled 3 more interviews in the US for this summer, and both of us are working hard to make money to continue filming. Simona has also been busy researching  a few more potential interviewees as well as the film locations for our next round of intense filming around the globe.


On the other hand in Istanbul, Eren and her friend Yasemin are busy translating our interview with Metin Bobaroğlu. Once it’s fully translated, we are looking forward to sharing some inspiring bites with you all.


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