Inspired Love

ArthurProduction, The Essence

Making an independent film, with limited resources is a very challenging endeavor, and at times it will test your spiritual determination and physical endurance. One’s personal life dissolves into a blur of countless roads, sporadic Skype sessions with loved ones, days of sleep deprivation and debilitating exhaustion from trying to get as much material as possible within a short timeframe. Old friends and complete strangers opened their hearts and doors, and shared intimate moments of their lives. Each one of them in their own way have helped us to keep moving forward.


There is a tremendous amount of goodness and love in this world. It is obscured by the media that keeps promoting fragmentation of mankind, while nurturing greed, aggression and disharmony in the world. Deep inside, at those quiet moments when we authentically connect to our hearts, we come to intimate knowing that all the colors and expressions of humanity are within each one of us. One rainbow of life expressing an infinite palette of festive diversity.


Our inspiration comes from a sincere desire to share this understanding, to celebrate the beauty of existence and share the profound wisdom of authentic traditional systems that we believe will help humanity move towards the heart center, so that we could find lasting balance in our lives and live in harmony with ourselves and the universe.


We all have the capacity to develop a life-affirming culture. We just need to create space, a chance to reprogram the old fear-based software that is running our daily lives and hindering the flowering of our potential. Don’t despair if the road is rough and old conditioning once again takes over. You are beautiful, and life is always there to support your efforts in countless ways.