Interview: Christopher Wallis

ArthurProduction, Tantra, The Essence

“There is no inherent suffering or evil in reality. It arises out of our own ignorance. We are the Divine, and our actions express what we call good and evil.

Tantrik tradition says when you come to know yourself, your deeper nature, you will spontaneously behave in ways that create benefit for all beings. If you do not know yourself, in fact, completely cut off from your own heart, you will naturally behave in ways that create more suffering.

In a Tantrik tradition someone like Hitler, for example is not regarded as evil, but is regarded as deeply alienated or cut-off from his own nature. So we look at someone like Hitler and we are being shown this is what a human being looks like who has forgotten the heart.

That itself is a wakeup call. We are responsible for whatever good and evil there is, and its all a natural expression of whether we are in touch with our deeper nature or separated from it.”

– Christopher Wallis